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“I went to see Dr. Bryan a year ago when my back went out.  This was a huge step for me because I had been brought up being told Chiropractors were ‘quacks’!  Several of my friends really encouraged me to go to a Chiropractor rather than an MD though saying the MD would give me pain pills to cover up the problem rather than address the real issue.  Dr. Bryan explains what he is doing and why and makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed. He showed me exercises to strengthen my back and today my back is doing great. Can’t say enough good about my whole ‘Chiropractic Experience’!  I go now just to keep things in alignment so I can continue to feel good!”

~Marcia Kroenke

Welcome to the Office of Complete Chiropractic of South Hills

At Complete Chiropractic of South Hills, we believe in a whole body approach to health and wellness.  Not only is it our goal to eliminate pain, but also allow our patients to experience optimal health!  By combining chiropractic care with exercise and dietary advice, we help you achieve wellness by allowing the body to heal itself, without the use of surgeries or medications.

Our state of the art facility, located at 414 McMurray Road in Bethel Park, offers a variety of services based on each individual’s needs.  In addition to providing our patients with pain relief, we focus on correcting the underlying cause of the problem.  Our goal is to keep your spine in proper alignment.  A properly aligned spine allows your body to function at 100% efficiency!

Dr. Bryan Johnson, a licensed chiropractor by Palmer College, has helped many patients with their back pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines, as well as a myriad of other issues.  Check out our new patient special and come see us today!

A common question that we get asked is if chiropractic care is covered by insurance. The insurance carrier plans that we accept here are: Highmark, Cigna, UHC, UMR, Medicare, AETNA, Auto & Workers Comp. The specifics (number of visits allowed, referrals, amount covered, etc.) depend on your individual plan, which Dr. Bryan can review with you.

Chiropractic Can Work for YOU, But Don’t Take Our Word For It, Ask Our Patients

Thank you to all who voted for us in the Observer Reporter’s Best of the Best People’s Choice Awards!  We won First Place!

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