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#BackToBasics with National Chiropractic Health Month and YOU – Part 2

#BackToBasics Neck and Back Pain Relief

To relieve neck and back pain, the most beneficial action that you can take is to get an adjustment from your chiropractor. This will make sure that your nervous system is working correctly and will help combat inflammation.  As an added bonus, when you maintain your spinal balance, it will not only help you prevent injuries, but it will also help you heal faster if you do have a problem.

To prevent neck and back pain, you always want to be cognizant of your posture.  This holds true at work and at home.  The majority of patients that Complete Chiropractic of South Hills sees aren’t coming in because they hurt themselves, but because they have repetitive stress injuries due to improper prolonged posture.  The cause of this is typically from the use of electronics.

Check out the ACA’s “Healthy Back Tips” video here for more posture-related tips and tricks: https://video214.com/play/8tOlR9nun4ZX844HbGRYeQ/s/dark


Getting to the CORE of it all

Most people have really weak core muscles.  This is bad for your spine because the core muscles stabilize it.  This is also bad for your chiropractic adjustments.  If you go for an alignment, but you have a weak core, your adjustments will not hold!

You need to work on core stabilization so that you don’t have to rely on a chiropractor to be adjusting you constantly.  Your core will be able to hold the alignment for you.


Exercises to Strengthen Your Core

Planks are very versatile and have different skill levels that you can work through.  They require muscles in the entire lower body as well as your abdominals, obliques, hamstring, quads and glutes.

In plank position, you want to remember to keep your back as flat as possible, so that you resemble a board.  This will build up your muscles to help your core stabilize.  When you are first starting out with a weaker core, you can do modified planks so that you plank from your knees instead of your toes.  Try holding the position for ten seconds and work your way up from there.  A good goal to work towards is holding your plank for 90 seconds.

Planking pro?  There are apps and programs that help you change it up to keep your workout fresh and challenging!

(Sidenote:  Complete Chiropractic of South Hills actually has a patient that holds his planks for 5 minutes at a time!)

Another great exercise to strengthen your core is the “Superman”.  It is a back extension exercise designed to strengthen your lower back muscles.  Lay on a yoga mat (or a yoga ball for an easier stretch) with your arms out in front of you and start by lifting up your left arm and your right leg.  Hold that position for five to ten seconds, then switch.  Lift up your right arm and left leg, then hold that position for five to ten seconds.  Continue to alternate for five to ten minutes.

When you become a pro at this stretch, you should be able to lift both arms and legs, so you look like Superman flying on the floor.  Again, a good goal is to hold this pose for 90 seconds.

You should work on strengthening your core for at least 10 minutes per day.



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#BackToBasics with National Chiropractic Health Month and YOU – Part 1

October is National Chiropractic Health Month 2017!  Complete Chiropractic of South Hills wants to take it #BackToBasics by introducing you to chiropractic history, answering the most commonly asked questions about chiropractic and giving you a few tips for back and spine health.


Chiropractic Improves A Man’s Hearing?

Chiropractic was started in Davenport, Iowa in 1895 by D.D. Palmer.  The first patient that he ever had was Harvey Lillard, who came to him to with some hearing issues.  After performing an adjustment, Harvey was astonished to actually hear the horses hooves on the cobblestones outside the building, which he had never experienced before.  The adjustment improved his hearing!


A Chiropractic College is Born

D.D. Palmer founded the first chiropractic school, Palmer College of Chiropractic, in 1897.  This legacy was continued by his son and grandson.  There are now three Palmer College campuses in the United States and over 50 chiropractic schools.


Sidenote: Dr. Bryan Johnson attended the original Palmer College of Chiropractic campus in Iowa.


The main teaching philosophy of Palmer College is focusing on keeping the spinal column in alignment to eliminate nerve interference.  They believe that nerve interference is the cause of disease and problems in the body.  By clearing the nerve pathways and allowing the brain to efficiently communicate with the rest of the body, a person can feel better and be healthier.


Chiropractic Facts


According to a WebMD 4-year study with 1.7 million patients:

  • chiropractic care had a 95% satisfaction rate, with the patients being happy with the care and the results that they received
  • chiropractic cut the cost of treating back pain by 28% compared to those patients that did not receive chiropractic care
  • Back surgeries were reduced by 32%, with chiropractic care


Is a Chiropractor a Doctor?

A chiropractor is a doctor, but not a medical doctor.  The amount of schooling that they both go through is similar when compared side by side.  However, chiropractors believe in the body’s ability to heal itself through optimal wellness and that drugs or surgery should be a last line of defense.  Therefore, by keeping the spine in alignment and restoring proper function to the nervous system, the nervous system will facilitate healing naturally.  This allows the body to operate at its maximum efficiency and correct the cause of an issue.  Some medical doctors do use osteopathic manual manipulation (OMM), but it is not frequently used.  Medical doctors have the ability to prescribe drugs, while chiropractors do not.



Is a Chiropractor the Same as a Physical Therapist?

No, a chiropractor is not a physical therapist.  Commonly, the two will work in conjunction with one another for a patient’s rehabilitation plan.  A chiropractor is a spinal expert and s/he will focus on the alignment of the spine. A physical therapist will focus on the muscles around the spine.  By working with both of them, you can have a spinal alignment to correct the root cause of your problem, then strengthen your muscles to hold the proper alignment in place.



How do I find a GOOD Chiropractor?

The short answer is Google.  Search for “chiropractors near me” and you should see results for multiple chiropractors.

Read their reviews on Google and Facebook, check out their website and ask around for recommendations from family and friends.  People aren’t normally scared to share their opinions, good and bad.

Do a little bit of research on your own as well.  Make sure that they graduated from chiropractic college and are licensed to practice in your state.  You can also call the chiropractor yourself and ask what type of manipulations s/he does, insurance that is accepted, what a typical appointment looks like and any other information that you wish to know.

Ask if they take x-rays at the initial consultation.  This is always a good sign as x-rays allow the chiropractor to give you much more effective care and to plot out a better overall treatment plan.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference when selecting a chiropractor.  By doing your homework beforehand, it makes your choice much easier.