We will show you how to improve your quality of life.

  • Average Life Span In 1900: 49
  • Average Life Span Today: 77.6
  • 85 in 100 adults currently experience back pain

Wouldn’t you like to live your life relatively pain-free and with improved mobility? With regular chiropractic care, your spine will retain its proper alignment and allows your nervous system to function optimally. Dr. Bryan will also help with dietary and exercise advice for optimal wellness. This will result in less sick days, less overall pain and more living your life to the fullest.

As a child, Dr. Bryan had chronic ear infections and many childhood illnesses.  Once he started chiropractic treatment, both became a thing of the past.  Because of this, he became a chiropractor to help others suffering from the same thing.  Bring your child to see Dr. Bryan today and start them on a journey to complete health.

Improve Your Game Now.

Did you know that every single professional football team utilizes chiropractic care? Isn’t it time you improved your game with chiropractic? We can help with muscle balance, range of motion, strength and boosting energy levels. Additionally, chiropractic care will aid with injury prevention and maintenance. In the event of an injury, a properly maintained spine allows you to heal as quickly as possible and get back out on the field! Contact our office today to gain a competitive edge.

Are you a mom looking to improve the health and wellness of yourself as well as your family?  Look no further than Complete Chiropractic of South Hills.  We cater to the whole family!  Dr. Bryan has worked on patients as young as 2 weeks old and as old as 97.  Come see us today!

Do you, as a mom, experience frequent headaches or neck pain?  Download our easy guide to eliminating this pain and start improving your family’s health by working on 8 key factors!